What is Data Science? What does it take to become a data Scientist? It is but obvious you have heard about Data Science. However, what makes it so special? In simple words, Data Science is nothing but the analysing of data. It entails creating methods for efficiently capturing, storing, and analysing data in order to obtain valuable information. Data science aims to extract information and insights from any form of data, both structured and unstructured. It can also be defined as a blend of mathematics, algorithms, business acumen, tools, and machine learning techniques. All of these techniques help us find out the hidden insights or patterns from raw data. These techniques can be of major use in the formation of big business decisions.

Data science has the principles of bringing together ideas, Machine Learning, data examination, and their related strategies to understand and dissect genuine phenomena with data. It is an extended version of various data analysis fields such as statistics, predictive analysis, data mining, and many more. Data Science is an enormous field that uses many methods and concepts that belong to other fields like statistics, time card app mathematics, information science, and computer science.

Prominent Pathways

So now your question might be, ‘How do I become a data scientist?’ There are three prominent pathways to obtain data science training and education from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), university degree/certificate and boot camp training. However, with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been another addition to these three methods: Online Training. One main concern regarding becoming a data scientist through online methods is the Data Science Course Fees. Some companies or educational institutions levy hefty fees for less quality, and then there are some who charge according to the quality of teaching they provide.

Online Training Platforms

Many platforms provide top educational courses at meagre fees. This is what the upcoming industry says about the course “Somewhere within the mounds of enormous data is the knowledge that could potentially change the life of a patient, or even change the world.” These courses are specially designed to suit both data professionals and beginners who want to make a career in this fast-growing profession. Over the 4 months, students get to learn critical techniques such as Statistical Analysis, Regression Analysis, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Forecasting and Text Mining, and tools such as Python and R Programming. After the course, you will be provided with a Data Science Certification that formally makes you a Data Scientist, and this certificate will hold value as it will have the platform name along with the college or trainer under whose collaboration the course was hosted. It will come in handy for a very long time.

Avenue of Online Trainings have emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed education forever.  Data science is one of the growing fields. Moreover, now is the right time to get yourself enrolled for the same.  It has become an important part of almost every sector. It provides the best solutions that help to fulfil the challenges of the ever-increasing demand and maintainable future.  As the importance of data science is increasing day by day, the need for a data scientist is also growing. Data scientists are the future of the world. Thus, a data scientist must provide great solutions that meet the challenges of all the fields. To perform this, they should have proper resources and systems which help them to achieve their goal.