One of the basic rules of change is to stay connected and upgrade yourself with all the advancements. If not, you might lose the chance of staying ahead amongst your competitors. Change is however the only constant and this change is applicable in all fields of work. For the Technological Industry, change is too common and there is an immediate need of the hour to offer something better and advanced for productive results than before. The Website Designers and Developers are always on the lookout for tools and resources, using which they can improve their coding styles and patterns to offer clients something unique and different.

This article is a brief reference guide for the Best Website Development Company Bangalore, offering a collective bunch of tools and resources, useful for the website designs as well as developers. These tools and resources will not only help in benefiting the developers to do their tasks at ease but also help to take your website development projects to the next level.

This article offers you information on the collection of online tools as well as services that are quite handy in benefiting your website development workflow which begins from the initiating to the design phase till the implementation and even beyond that. It is therefore a great opportunity for the Best IT Service Provider Companies to grab a chance to use these online tools for productive web development projects.


  • Coolors is a super-fast platform known as a color scheme generator
  • This tool is useful to generate infinite color palettes of your designs
  • These designs can be further shared and exported and saved in your profile
  • The Coolors is also compatible with an IoS application

  • Font Pair is one of the most powerful tools, assisting the Best IT Service Provider Companies in pairing the Google Fonts together
  • Opting for great typography is essential to build a good and attractive website design and Font Pair is a perfect tool to help the IT Service Provider Companies with good font pair suggestions
  • It is important to understand the psychology of fonts which further help in deciding better font combinations for productive design results

  • Patterns are a recent and emerging trend in design ideas. The Tileable Patterns have been heavily used in website designing
  • These patterns offer highly vibrant and loud colorful design patterns
  • The Pattern Library is one such tool that is useful in designing such patterns to add an extraordinary design to your web page

  • If you are a Website Designer, who is looking to add an exceptional image to your work, then Pixabay is one of the most powerful tools
  • To incorporate free and high-quality images into your web design, Pixabay is the best option
  • Large Hero Images are the new emerging trend, and supporting these new design trends, Pixabay is a good resourceful platform for them

  • This tool is effective for quickly generating as well as embedding customized images into the website design projects as well as the mockups
  • It functions by embedding images using a simple URL, specifying the image dimensions, along with the category of the image
  • Moreover, this tool also allows the specification of the filters as well

  • One of the most integral points considered by the Best IT Service Provider Company is the check of spellings in their content, images, designs
  • A spelling mistake can ruin the effort of a good design. Typosaurus is one of the most useful tools which can help your live website to undergo a strict check on its spellings, punctuations
  • Do not rely on dummy text design on your images, as these tools can catch that as well

  • What differs the Best Website Design and Website Development Service Provider Companies is there thought to put in something different in every website design they create with precision
  • How cool will the use of real human faces look instead of random avatar images?
  • UI Faces is one of the most appropriate apps which has a collection of real people faces images which are compatible to be used on mockups as well as live websites
  • UI NAMES: 

  • It is a simple tool that is useful to generate names, to be used in designs as well as mockups
  • This platform also offers an API, in case you wish to use these names on web applications or mobile devices

  • Like UI Names and UI face generator, this tool enables the establishment of a random user
  • Random User Generator will not only create a user with a name but also generate its dummy mobile number, email id, birth date, address to make it look like a real person identity

  • The trend of flat web design began in 2015. New design ideas and concepts have been invented since 2015. However, the Website Professionals who still wish to use the flat design idea can use this tool to its fullest.
  • Flat Shadow Generator is an easy to use web tool, which creates custom icons with flat shadow, at the desired angle as well as depth

  • Google’s Experience Design has witnessed a great emerging trend since the past few years
  • Materialize is one of the most powerful and mature CSS frameworks which works on the basis of material design

  • Website Developers need to know about this super tremendous tool, Code Beautify
  • This tool offers a monster set of tools for Website Developers:
  1. Tools to modify HTML, CSS, XML
  2. Converters- XML to JSON, CSV to XML,
  3. Validators, Broken Link Checkers, and every important element which you might need to use for your website design

  • There is no doubt that we as end-users love to use the sharing buttons on every website, application. But these buttons may slow down the website or even track down the user’s activity in an unwanted manner
  • Simple Sharing Buttons is a useful and powerful platform that helps to create a simple and mobile-friendly static sharing button that does not require the loading up of any additional JavaScript Files
  • Your browser. is: 

  • Do you have clients, who are facing trouble viewing your web projects on their system? Well, your browser. is one of the most useful tools to help you collect and gather details about your client’s system
  • This tool will help you to generate a custom URL for your client, to open on their machine
  • Next, you will receive an instant email containing necessary and important information about your client’s system configuration


It has been great research to find out the most trending web tools and resources to aid the Website Developers and Designers in improving and enhancing their work for productive outputs.

What is more interesting, is the fact that all these tools and platforms are free of cost and require only your time, effort, and deep understanding of how to use them.

Listen up, Best Website Design and Development Service Provider Company, and bookmark this article as a good reference and guide for your web design ideas and concepts.