Diamonds are the most beautiful of precious stones. Their multi-faceted charm captures your attention it is difficult to take your eyes off of a well-cut diamond. The rarity along with the unmistakable shimmer of this stone, makes one feel like royalty. The luxurious twinkle of each side is what makes this the most coveted precious stone.

Diamonds are adaptable and they look good with every precious metal and in any form. These are great in any jewellery you can think of and look beautiful with every colour of clothing. Diamond jewellery looks beautiful on its own and does not require much to get noticed. The simplicity of diamond jewellery outshines every extravagant piece of jewellery. Let us take a look at which diamond jewellery is considered truly timeless and classic.

  1. Rings – Diamonds rings have been a part of the age-old tradition of a marriage proposal. Diamonds are one of the hardest stones and last forever. The bond between you and your partner can be celebrated with a diamond that can last forever, just like the diamond itself. Diamond rings for girls are available in intricate designs that can be worn every day.
  2. Earrings – Diamond earrings can start from solitaire earrings to chandelier earrings. The glitter of diamond earrings can make you look stylish as well as opulent. Dangling earrings or hoops look great as well. Diamond ear cuffs can look elegant when paired with the right clothes. Earrings can come in all sizes and shapes that you fancy. Earrings can be designed for various piercings one might have. Cluster diamonds earrings are also the ideal pair of earrings as they magnify the good qualities of the diamonds and the overall impact is more profound.
  3. Bracelet – A diamond bracelet is a thing of beauty and it should be worn when it can catch the attention of on-lookers. If you wear a diamond bracelet, you can skip a necklace and wear heavy earrings. Bracelets with charms or even bracelets with a single line of stones look great. Diamonds cuffs look equally good however, they are more expensive and more lavish.
  4. Necklace – A diamond necklace can range from a single strand of diamonds to a layered necklace. A necklace can be worn depending on your other jewellery pieces and the event. If you are wearing traditional attire, you can wear a diamond choker as well. A broad necklace with an attractive design can transform your look dramatically. A simple chain with a pendant can make for a delightful necklace as well.
  5. Nose pins – Nose pins can look smart and fashionable. The best nose pin is the one that can be paired with anything and still stands out on its own. Diamond nose pins can range from a single dot to attractive designs. Most daily weardiamond nose pins have a single stud and do not clash with any clothing and look good in a professional environment as well.

Diamonds look magnificent in any form and they are known to be a symbol of success and wealth along with power. They are the most commonly worn jewellery daily as they do not look out of place in any situation. People’s affinity towards diamonds is due to their prolific fame and ability to stand the test of time.