Do you also face troubles remembering tricky spelling words? Learning a new thing is always daunting at first but as you proceed in continuing the process and understanding the whole idea the process becomes easier. 

Same applies to learning new words that might look difficult to memorize and understand their use at the start but they are actually a matter of a few spelling learning tricks which will not only help you memorize the words but also remember them for a longer period of time. 

Follow my lead till the end to understand the complete process of learning and remembering tricky spelling words.

Visual learning 

Learning by going through text or words and trying to remember their placement and letter content just by seeing it is called visual learning. 

If you are good at remembering words just by memorizing the placement of letters, this trick will greatly work for you but it will lack understanding of the words by their meanings and phonetics. 

Learning via phonetics

Phonetics of words are a great way to memorize and remember the words and their letter content just by sorting out and understanding the sounds of individual letters. 

But there are words that contain silent letters or repetitive letters that don’t actually get highlighted in the word’s phonetics and for that you have to understand the words through syllables or by pronouncing the silent letters together with the other letters. 

Learning via online platform

Online learning is now a new and most used way of learning, as kids nowadays spend most of their time on their smart devices, exploring the internet that they found bookish learning a little more effort requiring than online learning. 

And we have got a solution for that. Spellquiz is an online platform just for the kids who don’t want to study in an old school way. They have come up with the most innovative and interesting ways to teach kids their dictation words for class 9 through activities, quizzes, games and many more learning exercises that are not at all boring. 

Learning via meanings

When you start recognizing the words sounds and alphabet placements, you also need to understand the usage and meaning of the words so that it can be utilized in future to give your content a more sophisticated look. 

Now whenever you go through a word which you are intended to learn, you are required to learn it with its meaning so that you can actually utilize it in the places of need in future. 

Learning via rhyming words

Learning through rhyming words is another way to remember the spellings of tricky dictation words for class 9. Rhyming may sound a little early school trick but it works wonderfully for all spelling words. 

Grab your word list and write a rhyming word that you are already familiar with along with every spelling word, and figure out the alphabet difference between them. 

After sorting out all of your spelling for grade 9 with a rhyming word it will get easy for you to memorize them just by making slight changes of 2 to 3 alphabets in the word. 

Learning via syllables

Next comes syllables. Learning words from syllables is another great way. Breaking a tricky word into syllables and then understanding the sounds of every bit makes it easy to memorize and understand the spellings of the words. 

Start by sorting out each of your spelling words in syllables. Write the syllable in front of each word and use phonetics to understand the sounds of the word bits. 

Learning via word games

Learning sometimes get boring and exhausting due to which we lose our interest and end up remembering absolutely nothing after hours of effort. 

Words games are just there to rescue you from boredom and provide you with a fun way to learn and memorize the spelling words. 

Play different types of word games or you can also create one of your own. Word search, hangman, scramble words, etc are a few of them. You can use scrabble tiles and word puzzles to play and learn the spellings for grade 9.

Utilize these tricks and assist yourself in learning spelling words easily and effortlessly.