John Abraham, a popular Bollywood face and a Greek God for fitness enthusiasts, is known for many things. Regardless of whether it is his fashion sense, powerful dialogue delivery, love for bikes or taste for the luxury lifestyle, he aces in these areas and more.

John’s excellence in the industry and life has been a motivation for a lot of people in India. Today, let’s take a closer look at his chic lifestyle by taking an imaginative tour of his 4000 sq. ft. penthouse in Bandra, well-known as the ‘Villa in the Sky’.

The ‘Villa in the Sky’- John Abraham’s Luxury Den

John owns this beautiful penthouse in one of the popular residential complexes of Bandra West, Mumbai. The design, architecture and interior ambience have been designed by John’s company, which goes by the name Abraham John Architects. This penthouse is on the 7th and 8th floor of a residential building, which gives it the name ‘Villa in the Sky’.

It is a unique home because of its elevation, and the brilliant architecture of infusing two old apartments into one gives it the reputation it holds. As per the sources, the idea by John and his team of architects & designers was to strip down all of the interior walls and transform the two high-rise apartments into a duplex that isn’t rooted to the ground.

The Extravagant Features of the Luxury Penthouse

There’s a vibrant view of the Arabian Sea from the big glass windows of this sky villa. If you have ever had a dream house in mind, this is the view you would spend millions for without a second thought. The home decor ideas were all implemented by John and his team itself, so every feature around this space reflects his personality and taste for a luxurious lifestyle.

A massive master bedroom and several floor-to-ceiling glass windows all across the house make this property an epitome of luxury in the Queen of the Suburbs. The prime focus of the villa is to offer a calming sea view across all rooms. The decor style is minimalistic yet modern. The climatic conditions and site location have been a prime consideration for crafting the indoor and outdoor areas accordingly.

The wooden deck, alongside the skylight and garden terrace, is what completes the astounding elegance of this property. A perfect posh lifestyle has a new definition, i.e. John’s penthouse or the Villa in the Sky in Bandra West, Mumbai.

The Fitness Freak Also has a Knack for Living in a Vastu Compliant House

John’s penthouse in Bandra West is indeed classy, modern and has been implemented with some of the most luxurious home decor ideas. But, apart from that, the space is also vastu-compliant to bring positivity and good luck to the space. The directions of the room, the colour of the walls, and the boundaries indoors & outdoors are as per vastu compliance rules.

The kitchen of this penthouse is at the southeast corner of the property, which is the basic inclusion and adaptation in all Indian houses, as per the vastushastra is concerned. Following that, such a position for the kitchen in this penthouse allows broad natural light to embrace the interiors during day time.


Bandra West, being a posh locality, is a preferred residential choice for many Bollywood celebrities. But, there are only a few people in the industry who want to live their dreams by enjoying a lavish lifestyle beyond all. And John Abraham is one among such stars! He has several photos of his beautiful penthouse uploaded over Instagram. If you follow him, you have already seen the charm it replicates!