Everyone is impacted by stress nowadays. That is the ugly part of the current world. There are so many things to worry about: your job, your finances, your relationships, etc. Chronic or excessive stress can have a harmful impact on one’s emotional, mental and physical health including irritation, anger, tiredness, or fatigue. This may eventually result in anxiety or despair. Additionally, stress has several negative consequences on physical health, such as improper eating, an increased risk of heart disease, digestive problems, problems with reproduction, etc.

Stress levels have recently risen as a result of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and concerns about the future of one’s career, one’s money, social isolation, one’s physical health, etc. There is considerable interest in determining whether cannabis can be used as a pharmacological treatment option for those who are experiencing stress. Cannabis is actually utilized as a tool to lower stress, according to a number of studies. Adult cannabis users claimed in one research that the drug helped them flee their troubles or cope with them. Should I go ahead and consume Medical cannabis then? Read this post first.

Research Suggests Medical Cannabis Can Reduce Stress

According to a study that examined a sample of adults, stress reduction was the main advantage of using medical cannabis for 24.9% of the participants. Clinical research backs up these findings.  In one investigation, the impact of THC on healthy individuals’ reactions to a severe psychosocial stressor was examined.

Under double-blind circumstances (neither the researcher nor the participants knew who was in each group), the participants were arbitrarily divided into three groups and given either: a capsule containing 0, 7.5, or 12.5 mg of THC, approximately 2.5 hours before testing on a psychosocial stressor (mock job interviews, mental math challenges, etc.) They discovered that a low dose of 7.5 mg THC considerably decreased distress. Medical cannabis users perceived a 50% reduction in depression and 58% reduction in anxiety and stress.

What Are the Causes of Stress?

Stress comes in both bodily and mental forms. A stressor might just happen once or for a brief period of time, or it might happen regularly over time. Anhedonia, or the inability to experience pleasure, difficulties concentrating, irritability, sleep disturbances, and food changes are among the symptoms16. Chronic stress may be a factor in diseases like heart disease, mental health problems, irritable bowel syndrome, and immune system dysfunction

There is evidence that stress affects men and women differently. Women were more likely than males to cite the economy and money as sources of stress, but men were more likely to cite work. These distinctions between men and women also pertained to the kinds of stress symptoms they underwent.

One of the common claims of cannabis is that it relieves stress and helps one to relax but it is true only at lower doses. If you are looking to buy CBD oil or THC oil, hempstrol is one such brand you can rely on. They have a wide range of premium quality cbd products and THC oil that can help you greatly in easing down your stress levels.