We all love receiving gifts from our close friends. Giving gifts maybe less fun because of the thought and effort that goes into it. Most people are also scared to choose gifts because they don’t know the tastes of the recipients. Here we have shared some suggestions to help you select unique gifts that stand out from the rest of the lot. These are gifts that will make the recipient feel that you have invested much thought to come up with the gift.

Cute, Affordable and Distinctive Keychains

Sometimes, you can get a memorable gift at an affordable rate. You don’t have to invest much money to buy keychains personalised to have a QR Code that conceals a hidden message. A keychain does not cost you much. Yet, a keychain customised to include a special message is sure to stand out from the rest of the gifts. Visit Presto Gifts to explore the range of designs in keychains that can be personalised to include a special message.

Printed Mugs to Surprise Dear Ones

Your loved ones will remember special events later by looking at the pictures of the special occasion. A great way to eternalise a special occasion is by using pictures. Choose a memorable picture of your loved one with you and customise the gift with this picture. If you wish for a casual gift that stays in the memory, go for printed mugs online.

Wooden Engraved Gifts That Pose an Aesthetic Appeal

Some people have an eye for aesthetics. You cannot simply select any gift for such dear ones. You need to be wise by choosing gifts that are appealing to the eye.  Perfect gift that appeals to people with an aesthetic sense is wooden engraved gifts. You can find such gifts in woodwork and furniture shops. You can select intricate wood carvings that include carvings of popular deities.

Gifts to Add to Your Memory Wall

You can also choose gift items that only add to the décor of the house.  Classic example of such a gift is a photo frame or photo collage. You can have a wall in the house that captures all the significant memories of your life. Anyone entering your home will get a glimpse of such beautiful memories. Even when you are in a gloomy mood, one look at the happy memories will change your mood instantly.

How to Order Gifts Online?

It is very easy to order customised gifts online on Presto Gifts. You simply need to select your gift and provide images or messages for customising the gift. You then need to make the payment online after providing the correct address for delivery of the gift. Any mistake in the delivery address could result in delays in delivery of the gift. Recheck the address and make the pay