As per the data available, a staggering 73% of consumers are owning reusable bags. This would mean that people have got a need for these reusable bags and now it has become a habit to use reusable bags.

So, if you can manage to hand over your company’s reusable grocery bags by printing on them your company name and logo to your customers, then you are more likely to make use of them for the promotion of your business.

Any promotional bags can easily deliver 3,300 impressions during their lifetime. This is really a very significant number. This means your brand message will be seen for a much longer time.

Now if you look at how much cost per impression you have paid for your custom reusable bag, which will be a negligible amount. This can be a great way to maximize your marketing budget.

The following are a few other reasons why you must use reusable bags:

1. Conserve resources

These plastic bags can have a greater environmental footprint than perhaps what you must have imagined. 12 million barrels of oil will be used for manufacturing these plastic bags each year in the USA. A data showed that one can drive a car for a mile using the oil needed for making 14 plastic bags.

2. Decrease pollution

Plastic bags can take anything from 15 – 1,000 years for breaking down, assuming they end up in a landfill instead of rivers, or the ocean. Now just imagine, in America, 100 billion plastic-made shopping bags are used each year, and only about 1% are recycled, so imagine how much plastic bag pollution can be generated each year.

3. Avoid recycling problems

If you with all your good intentions go for recycling these plastic grocery bags, then most of the recycling equipment can not handle the task. By using eco-friendly reusable bags you can avoid all such problems.

4. Protect wildlife

Every year more than 100,000 deaths of marine animals are caused when they mistake plastic shopping bags for their food. Plastic bags may also get snagged in various trees, and many small animals often may get trapped in them and die.

5. Enjoy strength and durability

Reusable bags are usually easier to use, and your purchases will survive while carrying them from the store. With reusable bags, leaks are very less likely to happen and it will be easier to control any reusable bags.

6. Save money

These days, many stores in the USA charge customers for any plastic bags. Any average American family may use nearly 1,500 plastic bags for shopping each year and even a bag may cost a nickel or dime, you can save $75 a year.

7. Repurpose for other uses

Such reusable grocery bags will not only be used for carrying groceries, but also you can use for carrying your snacks, carry books, or any other small items you may need.

Although plastic bags have been under use for many years and now it is time to replace them totally with certain eco-friendly reusable bags.