Double chin is not a medical condition rather a cosmetic one and can be effectively treated with non-surgical double chin treatment in Melbourne.

Most people experience double chin as they age. However, the issue of the double chin could occur at any age. This problem is not exclusive to those who are healthy or overweight.

What is a double chin? What causes a double chin?

Layers of unwanted fat cells get accumulated under the chin area which creates an extra bulge beneath the shin. This bulge gives the appearance of a double chin and makes the face look heavy and old. There could be various reasons for the accumulation of these fat cells. A few of the common factors include:

Hereditary: Genetic influence may cause you to inherit the double chin from your family.

Age: As you age, the shape and proportions of your face change. The skin loses its volume and becomes dull and loose. This could lead to the formation of a double chin.

Overweight: Being Overweight or obese are among the most common causes of the double chin. When a person gains too much weight suddenly, fat deposits accumulate below the chin area which leads to the appearance of a double chin.

Double chin is not a medical condition rather a cosmetic concern that can be effectively treated with the help of advanced and non-surgical double chin treatment in Melbourne.

What is an effective double chin treatment?

There are both surgical and nonsurgical methods of treating double chin. However, surgical treatment options like liposuction are very very expensive and immensely painful.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre provides the most comprehensive non-surgical cosmetic double chin treatment in Melbourne. The procedure is cost-effective with less pain and discomfort when compared to surgical liposuction treatment.

Non-surgical double chin treatment involves the use of a synthetic compound developed from a natural ingredient called deoxycholic acid found naturally in the human body.

Our gallbladder bladder uses this natural acid to break down and dissolve the fat cells present in the food you eat. This deoxycholic acid is desired synthetically and is administered into the double chin area in prescribed quantities under the supervision of a qualified cosmetic physician.

The deoxycholic acid-based compound begins to break down the fat cells as soon as it is administered into the double chin area. The shattered fat cells then get dissolved into the body and get drained by the natural process.

Since it is a prescribed cosmetic treatment, to achieve the best results, the double chin treatment has to be performed by a qualified and experienced Cosmetic physician, with TGA & FDA approved products and equipment and under control circumstances.

The magnificent properties of deoxycholic acid prevent the recurrence of the double chin. Therefore, you achieve a permanent solution to the issue of the double chin.

Why choose non-surgical double chin treatment?

Deoxycholic acid-based non-surgical double chin treatment has many benefits when compared with other traditional surgical methods.

You experience less pain and discomfort, with minimal short term side effects that can be effectively managed.

Double chin treatment can effectively clear fat cells from the neck and jawline area, giving you a well-defined chin and jawline.

Your skin becomes tighter, the chin and jawline become profound which improves the overall aesthetic appearance of your face; makes your face look youthful.

It is a secure and swift procedure. Therefore, no downtime or additional planning is required. You can undergo double chin treatment in Melbourne even during your lunchtime and go back to your normal daily routine almost immediately post the procedure.

Visible permanent results can be observed within a few days of treatment.

Deoxycholic acid double chin treatment is economical and less painful than liposuction and other surgical treatment options

Non Surgical Double chin treatment when performed by an experienced cosmetic physician, does not cause any permanent side effects.

Double chin treatment can be effectively customized as per the requirement and convenience of the patient

This treatment is available to patients of all skin types and colour

Once treated, the fat cells do not regenerate, therefore, offering you an apartment solution to double chin

How many treatment sessions do you need to completely remove the double chin?

At Nitai Skin Clinic in Melbourne, our patients have experienced remarkable results after 2-4 treatment double chin treatment sessions. The number of sessions required however varies for every patient. It is mainly dependent on the amount of fat accumulated underneath the chin. In some patients, It may also take up to 6 treatment sessions to completely remove the double chin and achieve a prominent jawline and a slender neck.

Consult our experienced Cosmetic Physician Dr Shobhna Singh to know more about double chin treatment in Melbourne. Visit Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre today.