At times, you feel yourself surrounded by negative energies. You come to know that negative vibes are at your place when you fall sick or when nothing goes right at your end. Constant conflict with your family members, falling sick most of the time and not being able to perform well at your workplace are all signs of negativity. You must have seen people who perform puja at their place in order to bring positive energy to their place. After some months, such people experience the same problems again. If you want to keep all problems at bay, then you should wear only authentic gems of khannagems.

Brief Idea About Gems

It is known to all people that gems have mystical energies and powers which help heal many physiological and psychological diseases. The nine prime gemstones have a direct connection to nine ruling planets. Every gem is related to the corresponding planet. As per the vedic astrology, every gemstone plays a significant role in every person’s life. When the planets are placed in a wrong position in your birth chart, then you experience challenges and problems. Astrologers are of the opinion that when a person wears a specific gemstone which relates to the characteristics and power of a planet, then the positive energies start acting in the individual’s life. Stars and planets play an imperative role in the life of all human beings. The traits of a ruling planet are inhibited by human beings which can be seen in the form of a person’s habits and behavior. Using gemstones has existed since ancient times. The ancient civilizations have used gems in order to release physical, mental and spiritual blockages. It is believed that every crystal consists of distinct energies and properties which help in various aspects of your life. You can feel positive energies and healing power of gemstones when the valuable gems are placed in your body or kept in a particular place at your home. When the gemstones are in close contact with your body, you get a balance in your life, you can experience creativity, relaxation, love, happiness and protection in your life. Gemstones are derived from minerals and are formed beneath the crust of earth. Natural phenomenon is used in forming gemstones which result in original gems. The mineral dust is processed and then gets finished to form a gemstone. People can obtain gems by dropping by physical gemstone stores where you can procure only original gemstones. You should know that gems are created in a certified laboratory. Every gem has a certain chemical composition which helps count in the category of authentic gemstones. If you do not have time to visit the physical gemstone shops, then you can get the precious and semi-precious gemstones in the online stores. It is the arrangement of molecules and composition which give the gems specific colors and characteristics. You may come across fake gemstones in many online gemstones sites. How will you identify fake gems? False gems will appear to be similar to gems which will be made up of plastic or glass. Such fake gemstones can be found in the market in bulk. People who have a lack of knowledge about the original gemstones often get trapped by fake gemstone dealers. Make sure to get consultations from a proficient astrologer or a gemologist so that you can purchase original gemstones. When you are looking for original gemstones, you should keep in mind that the real gemstones will have shine and luster and the price of original gemstones will always be expensive.

Gemstones For Your Happiness And Good Health

Wear a bloodstone gemstone to purify your blood. In the ancient days, people used to wear bloodstone gems to get courage at the time of battle. You feel energy and vitality in your body when the blood flows properly through your body. Overcome lethargy, self-doubt and fear by wearing a bloodstone gem. Also, increase your longevity with the use of bloodstone gems.

Wear a black tourmaline gemstone to safeguard yourself from negative energies. Black tourmaline acts as a psychic shield and it is considered as a talisman of protection from destructive forces. The best thing about the black tourmaline is that the gemstone guards its wearers from airwave pollutants and radiation. You can place the gem in your pocket, wear it in the form of bracelets or a pendant, or you can place the gem close to your computer to get the protective powers.

If you want to enjoy a fruitful relationship, then you should wear a rose quartz gemstone. This gem provides comfort, nourishment, tenderness and compassion. Wearing this gemstone will help dissolve your emotional wounds, bolster your intimate relationship with your loved one and win your lover’s heart easily. To get better results, you can place the rose quartz gem underneath your bed or you can wear the gem in the form of finger rings, pendants, or bracelets. Cultivate a profound relationship with your loved one by wearing Rose Quartz gemstones.

Who does not want abundance of wealth? Attract wealth in abundance by wearing a citrine gemstone. The yellow color of the gemstone instills creativity in you and you will be able to attract wealth in your life. Convert your unfulfilled dreams into reality by wearing a citrine gemstone. It is believed that the citrine gemstone is an ideal gem for healers, artists, people who work in the banks and salespeople. Place the merchant stone in the southeast corner of your office or at your place. You can either wear the gem or you can keep the gem in the cash box.

If you are on a journey of self-discovery, then moonstone gem is for you. The pearly white gem safeguards the travelers when they are on a journey. On wearing moonstone, you will be bestowed with psychic abilities and wisdom. Cure insomnia by wearing moonstone. Place the beautiful gem under your pillow to get sound sleep. When you travel, carry the sterling gem along with you. No matter which gems you wear, make sure to buy it from the most trusted khannagems.