Anil Sharma’s Gadar 2 took India by storm as die-hard fans of the first film finally got to see their favorite on-screen pair from the 2001 film reunite for yet another cross-border adventure. The film also sees Anil Sharma’s son, Utkarsh Sharma, reprising his role from the first film, but now, more than two decades later, he can be seen as a young man who is in his mid 20’s and is determined to rescue his father from the captivity of a vengeful individual.

Complete with a gut wrenching story and larger-than-life action sequences, Gadar 2 is nothing short of an action bonanza. And now, this much-loved feature is on its way to make a world digital premiere on ZEE5 Global on October 6, 2023.

This article is about the various things that were said by the director and the cast members of Gadar 2 itself with regards to their film ahead of its release.

While talking about the prime criteria that the sequel in question had to satisfy in order for it to be compelling enough to be made with India.com, Anil Sharma stated, “To make the sequel, I needed a genuine story that could rule over the hearts of every Indian”.

In addition to the above statement, he also said that he had no plans whatsoever to make a sequel after the success of the first film since he considered the story to be complete. To this, he added that since the trend of sequels picked up all over the world, people started asking him if he would ever continue Tara and Sakeena’s story on the big screen, which gave him the impression that a sequel to his 2001 film is being demanded by an entire nation. This very thing compelled him to start thinking about the story for a sequel.

While talking about the pressures of matching what the leading pair of the first film did in the feature presentation, Utkarsh Sharma, who reprises his role of Jeete from the first film for the sequel, can be heard saying that “The real pressure in the case of this film actually fell on its writer and director, and it was the pressure of giving all the characters the very same pedestal that they received in the first one. The first film had the character Jeete, who was liked by all. And now that Jeete has grown up, the family dynamics naturally transform. This natural family dynamic that can be seen in the film is actually what grabs the audience. However, the main challenge for me was to maintain the connection that Jeete had with the audience. In addition to it, I also had to maintain the essence of Jeete from the first film, who is a stubborn character and yet very protective of his parents.”

If you are wondering how you can watch Gadar 2 on ZEE5 Global, you can either stream it on the website of the platform or download the appropriate application for your smart devices after its digital release on October 6, 2023. The ZEE5 application is available on the ZEE5 App Store, the ZEE5 Play Store, and the application stores of all the major SmartTV platforms.