Over the years, printers have stopped being simple printing tools and have become something unique, a vital element within any company that plays an increasingly important role.

A glimpse of the beginnings

When inkjet printers and laser solutions hit the market, a significant breakthrough made it possible for many companies to access printing solutions faster, capable of printing with superior quality, and affordable compared to previous models.

They quickly became a must-have in any modern business, but their functionality was limited. They were for printing, nothing more.

Over the years, its functions and characteristics have been expanded to the point of becoming multifunctional solutions, which are also capable of working independently and offer a performance that a few years ago was unimaginable.

If we look at the past, we will see that, of course, the evolution has been impressive, but the best thing is that it has been accompanied by a significant reduction in the prices of printing equipment.

The difference in quality is in the number of ink cartridges they use. There are 4 in the standard ones and 8 in the specific ones for photography. Paper also plays a role, and manufacturers recommend matching ink and printer to improve results.

The best thing about this type of printer and for its use is its resolution: 2,400 dpi.

The price may be its most significant disadvantage, but you can find affordable models depending on the function you want to give it.

Multifunction printers Are:

  • Printers.
  • Scanners.
  • Photocopiers.
  • They use colors, grays, and black and white.
  • They print from any device.
  • They create photos, brochures, documents, etc.

In short, they are several teams in one. They save space and connections at a unit price. You can get the wps pin for hp printer to connect with wifi.

They are somewhat noisy machines. You have to change the ink when it runs out because the cartridges are used for all functions, and a printer failure leaves all the equipment without operation.

Thermal printers 

They are preferably used in shops to print receipts and tickets in black and white on a roll of paper that is an accessory to the printer.

They have a USB input compatible with some operating systems. They are synchronized with the business’s POS, but they can also print any document from a computer.


They are used to print architectural plan drawings, engineers, industrial design, posters, image enlargements, public posters, signs, etc. Their inks are water-based or solvent-based and are expensive professional printers that require very careful maintenance.

Solid ink printer (Solid Ink ) 

They print by temperature transfer use solid ink sticks.

It is heated by feeding a print head that distributes the ink through a drum to the paper where the image is created. The price of the copy is similar to that of the laser printer. They are suitable office color printers because of their high quality and speed for transparencies and non-porous media. The ink is non-toxic, so they are more sustainable than toner.

Printing and business success, keys

With this reality in mind, it is easy to understand why we say that printers have become a fundamental element for a company’s proper functioning and success.

Regarding the first statement, it is enough to think about the negative consequences that an inappropriate or error-prone printer can generate in a company; high printing costs, workflow interruptions, poor print quality, or even the inability to carry out specific tasks or undertake new business opportunities.

To this, we must add other essential aspects, such as security and autonomy. A printer is no longer a remote device connected to a PC to function, and that was limited to printing from time to time.

No, an excellent current printer allows us to work independently, which translates into less dependence on other devices to create new work environments. If it also integrates wifi connectivity and mobile printing, we will have total flexibility.

Security is also a key piece in the equation. As we see, the printer is now an autonomous system that is integrated into our company as another device in need of protection, and through it passes data and sensitive information that we must take care of and protect.

Jumping to the second statement, you have to think about the benefits that a good printer offers to a company to understand why we say that it affects the same. More info to visit: https://bmediacenter.com/