Few fashionistas can deny themselves the pleasure of wearing suede shoes. The temptation is prohibitively great for fragile women’s shoulders, because velvety masterpieces of shoe art look unusually beautiful, in any of their variations they are invariably stylish. And what an amazing feeling such a shoe gives in a sock. It is impossible to rejoice in soft, pleasant to the touch, light and breathable runners. In addition, suede models are consistently endorsed by fashion gurus. They are loved by fashion houses, bloggers, and celebrities. How can I resist?


For all its advantages, pile shoes have one significant drawback that scares off many fashionistas. This pair is very easy to spoil. Moisture, dirt, mechanical damage are detrimental to velvety skin. Sometimes it seems that one should breathe very carefully on such whimsical shoes.

There is actually a great solution to this really contrived problem. Proper care will help save the life of your beloved couple, and emergency measures can even save a damaged surface in most cases. So do not rush to add suede to the list of forbidden temptations.

Caring for suede shoes is extremely important. You can enjoy all the delights of a capricious material if you regularly clean it, store it correctly and protect it from external destructive factors.

Demi-season and winter women’s shoes are subjected to the most severe tests. This is snow, and rain, and slush, and even salt with chemicals that are sprinkled on icy sidewalks. So be sure to take proper care of your suede and suede fur high heel boots.


Any fashionista in love with matte skin will agree that a luxurious couple definitely deserves attention and care. Many people mistakenly believe that caring for delicate material is difficult and time consuming. In fact, everything is quite simple if you know what and how to do.

Caring for suede shoes involves the following measures:

1. Prevention. It is easier to prevent damage to your favorite delicate leather boots than to restore their neat appearance. Therefore, one should not neglect preventive measures. They include careful wear (only in dry weather, alternating with other pairs), proper storage, regular maintenance. It is also imperative to carry out the primary processing of the product before the publication with special protective equipment.

2. Protection. A fashionista will be able to prevent the death of a couple dear to her heart with the help of special protective equipment. These are sprays, creams, impregnations. They will protect the steam from dust and dirt, help to increase its moisture resistance, even neutralize salt and chemical reagents that are dangerous for all types of skin, which are strewn with streets in the cold season.

3. Drying. Even if you are lucky enough to walk your boots in dry weather, you still need to dry them after a walk. This is already a question not only of the beauty and durability of the product, but also of personal hygiene. You need to dry your boots only naturally, away from heat sources: batteries, fan heaters and even the sun. Just stuff a couple of newspapers and give it time to dry.
4. Cleansing. Even a small stain on delicate suede can turn into a timeless “decoration” of your look. Dirt tends to eat into fluffy materials, and therefore shoes should be cleaned immediately upon arrival home. Better yet, make sure you have a mini-set of emergency boot cleaning tools at work too.

5. Recovery. Has your beloved couple lost their originally inherent gloss, became rough and dull, and the villi fell off, turned into unattractive bald patches? It doesn’t matter, restorative care comes to the rescue.

Finally, the inherent rule of preserving the beauty and softness of your favorite boots is to avoid classic operational mistakes. Many young ladies, due to ignorance, expose their runners to improper care, wear them in unsuitable weather and even just spoil them, trying to save them. Remember: suede loves neat and rational use. He reacts to mistakes with resentment and whims.


The main rule of bathing procedures for a velvety material is no moisture. Wet cleaning can not only smear dirt over the entire surface of the boots, but also completely ruin the capricious silky surface. Shoes should be cleaned only when dry. “Wet cleaning” is resorted to only in especially neglected cases.

After a walk in dry weather, we clean a couple with a regular shoe brush, a flannel rag or even just a sticky roller for clothes. Such procedures are designed to remove dust and microscopic contaminants from the surface of the product. On store shelves, you will find special foam for cleaning matte leather. It removes dust and small dirt. We direct such a lightweight marafet when the shoe looks clean, there are no specks or dried dirt on it.

If the surface of the product “flaunts” unattractive traces of a recent walk, more intensive cleaning measures will be required. Use a crepe brush or a regular eraser first. This will remove plaque and remove stains from your boots.

Did not help? It means that the time has come for intensified cleansing measures.


Not every mistress of capricious boots has the opportunity to go to dry cleaning. Some simply do not trust other people’s hands with their beloved couple. It turns out that you can save the product from contamination on your own. The most common questions about boots (suede) are how to clean shoes from greasy marks and water stains.

Oily traces removed by gasoline and kerosene. Simply wipe the stains with a damp swab. Talc, starch, corn flour will also help. Sprinkle dry powder over the dirty area and wait for the grease to absorb. Then just shake off the leftovers.

Even the most neat hostess of a suede miracle will not be able to protect her jewelry from unforeseen situations. If such a force majeure has happened, a large amount of wet dirt has got into the steam, you can resort to wet cleaning. Only this must be done very carefully.

Mix soapy water (soap or washing powder without bleach) with a few drops of ammonia. With a cloth soaked in this mixture, gently walk over all affected areas. Try to avoid getting the steam too wet. After completing the cleaning procedure, remove the soap-alcohol solution with cold water. Then dry the product well.


In no case. Especially in a typewriter. Yes, and you cannot soak such a delicate, sensitive to humid environment steam. At the very least, the suede will become coarse and untidy in appearance. As a maximum, washing the velvety material is just killing it. The product can react in the most unpredictable way: to fall off, become covered with bald spots, cracked and even shrink. Loss of color and deformation are possible. Is it worth the risk – think for yourself.


Such a whimsical and demanding suede, it turns out, can restored if necessary. Consider the main troubles that happen with delicate material and effective ways to solve these problems.

The surface glazed and worn. In mild cases, the same eraser or brush with rubber bristles, an ordinary flannel cloth, or even a dry bread crust can save you. Rub the surface and it will return to its former silkiness. You can also refresh a matte leather pair with soda and milk (1 teaspoon per 200 ml), vinegar (1 teaspoon per liter of water) or alcohol (a quarter glass of vodka per 250 ml) solution. Remember to wash off the substance.

The pile has fallen off. A steam bath will help. Brush dry suede. Then hold the steam over boiling water. Let the product dry. Use a brush to comb the villi.

The color became dull and light areas appeared. Will save staining. Ideally, a special tinting spray should be used. Black boots can saved only in this way. Browns tolerate cleaning well with a brush dipped in a strong coffee drink. More info to visit: https://bmediacenter.com/