Television sets have been an integralpart of our families for centuries now. They ignite a host of emotions in us. With the advent of technology, Televisions have gone from being big boxes to sleek and stylish flat screens. Even the TV units over a period of time have transformed to hold the changing models of the TV. Before you decide to include a new TV unit in your living room, keep in mind its functionality and the aesthetics of your living room. Internet is loaded with several latest designs of the TV stand, here are some quick tips to consider before you make the final pick.

1. Analyse the layout Of the Living Room: You may be tempted to purchase the TV cabinet that was featured in the magazine this month, but before you make a decision ask yourself, “will it match the layout of my living room”? Although most TV units fit all sorts of living room, it’s still important to evaluate the size and color of the TV cabinet, you sure would like for it to sync with your interior. Some people don’t like to place a TV cabinet in the living room as they feel it distracts them while entertaining the guests, in such cases placing it in your dining space also is a good idea. Make sure to match it with your dining table design, otherwise, it may look out of place.

2. Choose the Right Model of TV Stand: There are several models available, if you are not aware of them, let us give you a quick gist of them.

Low TV Units: These are low in height and match perfectly to a décor that has low seated sofas and settees. They make the TV watching experience comfortable as these are right at the height of your eyes.

Built-in TV Wall Unit: This makes way into most modern homes. It renders the perfect background for your wall-mounted flat-screen TV, and it occupies less space as these are slim like the TV.

Entertainment Unit: This model of TV unit suits a large living room set up. Apart from your TV, it can hold all your additional entertainment gadgets, wires, CDs as well. It also provides additional storage that you can use as per your need.

Television Hutch: This model encloses the TV within the cabinet of the TV stand. So when not in use, simply close the cabinet door and the TV hides behind it.

3. The TV Stand Size Should Compliment Your TV Size: As a thumb rule your TV stand or TV unit should be bigger or atleast the same size as the TV, anything smaller will make the whole setup look odd.

4. The Material and Color of TV Stand: Most popular choice remains the wooden TV stands, however, some people prefer the metal ones depending on the décor of the house. The dark hues wooden TV cabinet blends well with most of the Indian home interiors.

 With so many options available you are sure to find the TV stand color and material that best suits your interior design.