Pearls are known for the elegant and royal look that it gives. A good pearl is defined by its quality. The quality of the pearl depends on natural factors like the atmosphere, weather conditions, sea nutrients, and its salinity. Burma (now known as Myanmar) is one of the good sources for great quality pearls; however, due to complex political conditions, the pearl business fell before it became popular. Different types of pearls could be used to make different jewellery pieces like a real pearl necklace, rings, bracelets, etc. Let’s find out what exactly are Burmese pearls and why should you avoid them?


The quality of the pearls is based on a lot of different factors. South Sea in Australia produces the finest quality pearls and is the most popular pearl producer globally. To find more pearl-producing seas, a lot of other seas were explored as well. Quite a lot of different seas were explored, and a lot of new pearl-producing seas were found. The quality differs from area to area.

Burmese Pearls were also one of the finest sources of good quality pearls, but the business didn’t take off for a lot of reasons. The pearls from Myanmar or any nearby region are known as Burmese pearls because Myanmar was earlier known as Burma. Due to certain difficult political conditions, the pearl business of Myanmar didn’t take off, so it is not as popular as it was supposed to be. But there are a few reasons why you should avoid buying Burmese pearls. Let’s find out what are the reasons.

Why should you avoid buying Burmese Pearls?

The business of Burmese pearls could have been one of the most popular and profitable ones, but certain things weren’t looked after, due to which the whole industry collapsed before it could even take off. One of the reasons why the business didn’t take off was that many fraud sellers sold fake pearls with inaccurate statements. The fraud sellers made it impossible to buy the Burmese pearls because it was almost impossible to believe a single seller in Myanmar.

The clients interested in the pearls did not have a trustworthy acquaintance who did not check professional recommendations and reached out to fraud sellers instead of the authentic ones. Due to a lack of pearl certification, the quality of pearl wasn’t fit and marked, making it hard for people to trust the sellers and buy any kind of Burmese pearl. Certification is also essential if you are buying pearls for astrological purposes. Due to low-quality pearls and high prices, it was impossible for people to even think of purchasing Burmese pearls.

Burmese Pearls are famous for coming through the grey market that does not follow strict legal procedures. These pearls are mixed with inferior quality fake Chinese pearls; hence the trust factor was not there. Myanmar couldn’t produce the pearls commercially, so the pearls produced in nearby regions were also sold as Burmese Pearls. The pearls’ price was high, so people chose South Sea Pearls made in Australia than Burmese Pearls. South Sea Pearl is still famous worldwide due to its authenticity, quality, and certification process.

These were some of the reasons why Burmese Pearls are not as famous now, and that is why you should avoid buying Burmese Pearls.