Learning a new musical instrument and becoming a master’s in it is not that difficult once we start walking on the road inside the music world. It is even easier than learning a new language. Learning a second musical instrument is far easier than the first one. Likewise, learning the fourth instrument is easier than learning the third one, it is because the basics of all those instruments are the same.

There are many similarities between all those instruments. Some of the basic techniques and structures of the instruments match with one another, every time we experience learning a new instrument. Many people took George Valentine Freundlich as an inspiration for becoming an expert in playing more than one musical instrument.

Starts with the Basics

Learning a new instrument and becoming an expert in it is always the hardest when the instrument you are learning is the first one. The road will become much easier as time passes and the experience is gained.

Coordinating different elements to become an expert in playing more than one instrument seems very much easy after a certain period. It is because all those preliminary requirements are now fulfilled. Adding on more knowledge and retaining it is quite interesting with practice. I have come across Dr George Freundlich and he is one of the greatest guides in the world of music.

Applying the Knowledge

The preliminary knowledge when used to various instruments keeps on building on the initial blocks over time. After a certain period, a myriad of learned instruments would be there in which you are now an expert.

When learning new instruments know that different parts of the musical instruments are used in a particular way to make a specific sound. However, when anyone tries to become an expert in those instruments, he may use such parts according to his own will.

Creativity is the Key

It is not always that a particular instrument is only essential when played in a specific way. Rather applying creativity will make the person an expert. Paying attention to details and then bringing every element of it in a creative way to the target audience is a talent that every multi-instrumentalist must-have.

Becoming an expert in playing more than one instrument is just like learning a new language. The meaning remains the same but the voice, characters, and features are entirely different from one another. Elvis Presley has never failed to inspire the audience in this regard.

Develop an Orchestral Talent

Pay attention to how orchestra members play the instruments when in the group. It is not that they always bring some unique tips to the table. Rather they know which instrument will produce what sound. Now, assembling the sounds of various instruments while playing them together in a coherent way makes them perform the best.

Final Thoughts

Starting is always the most difficult point and it is also true for becoming an expert in more than one instrument.