Youth is an attractive market for technology vendors. This is where the uptake of the latest technology goes well. With the characteristics that are open to new innovations, young people are at the forefront of matters of technological progress. Therefore, Realm is targeting this segment as its main focus.

So what exactly do young people need when talking about smartphones or smart phones?

Young people are a group that likes to play games. It’s not absolute for all. But that answer applies to most of this age group. Therefore, a reliable device is needed.

Processor strata can be said to be the key, in addition to RAM capacity, of course. The processor is important because it is the main driver in running all the resources that are in the cellphone. The latest smartphone from Realme, namely Realme 5 Pro, is paired with a Snapdragon 712 AIE processor. A type of processor with eight cores that performs better than the previous generation.

Together with the upgraded GPU, this processor can increase graphics performance and energy efficiency by up to 35 percent compared to the previous generation. Not to mention the build architecture that uses a 10nm process, leading to lower power consumption for the processor and longer battery life.

Better processors go hand in hand with better artificial intelligence capabilities. Using a third-generation AI processing engine, when compared to its predecessor, the power is doubled.

For example, this prowess comes in handy when the camera detects a suitable scene from the shot that is captured by the camera. AI will more quickly understand what the camera sees.

Processor speed is supported by the type of memory used. Realme 5 Pro phones rely on LPDDR4X type RAM. This type is still commonly used by high-end cellphones. But reality dared to take him to the middle class.

The type of RAM used by Realme 5 Pro can increase performance by up to 15 percent and reduce power consumption by 17 percent from the previous generation. With a choice of RAM configurations up to 8GB, you can imagine barrier-free performance for gaming, social media, or photography.

Still dealing with performance. In particular, Realme presents the Hyperboost 2.0 feature. Features that improve the performance and stability of the phone during gaming. Ensuring the best gaming experience for its users.

Realme seems to want to prove that a high-quality smartphone is not always expensive. For example Realme 5 Pro, the design is premium with character, the specifications have high performance that can support various user activities, long battery life with super fast charging, to the best camera quality. It’s not wrong for realm to embed the slogan “Quad Camera SpeedMaster” for this type.

At a fairly affordable price, there is almost no fault from us for this smartphone. If you really need a five-star class smartphone at a street-style price, you must bet on this realm champion